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Innovators in Disinfection and Water Purification


Provider of Intelligent Solutions in Water and Surface Disinfection




Water Purity is Critical to Your Patients, Staff & Equipment



Toppen replicates nature's method of treating water and air to create engineered products that are safe, cost effective and environmentally beneficial. We engineer technology using bio-mimicry by copying nature. Products that either filter out bacteria quickly or destroy them naturally then convert to water and oxygen. NO chemicals used. Surface cleaners that do not harm fabric upholstery and no harmful aerosols.

Our Human Safe & ECO Friendly Products                                    

The Toppen Water Station for Sterilizers, Autoclaves and Dental Unit Water Lines:     

We like to simplify your processes.  Now a single water station combines three technologies to provide water quality specifically designed for dental office use.                 

Reverse Osmosis Water - Our patented WaterStationTM treats water for use in Sterilizers, autoclaves, spray bottles and chair side water bottles.  This system uses far less water than most RO technology and the membrane lasts longer.

Distilled Water - by feeding our DI water system with RO feed, we produce water for sterilizers and autoclaves without maintenance for a year!  After water passes this system, the TDS is gone!

Electrolytic Ozone Cell - ozone water has been integrated to provide water that is free of bacteria from sitting in a storage tank.  All RO tanks are bacterially active and studies have shown bacterial levels often greater than 15,000 - 150,000 CFU's.  Our unique system doses ozone into the water from the tank to ensure bacterial destruction for your pure water  sterilization needs.  

QDfx - Office Whole office water treatment for bacteria, cysts, spores and virus

We have developed a patented filtration method that filters out bacteria, cysts, spores and virus without having to use any hazardous chemicals.  This product will provide purified water to all your devices in the office while saving time and money over individual chair side filters.  These systems can be used for both small and large dental offices.  They are ANSI/NSF 42,61 and 53 certified. A flush port using our Dolfin product line makes periodic flushing non hazardous and easy.

QDfx - Cartridge Dental Unit Water Line water treatment for bacteria, cysts, spores and virus

We have used the same patented filtration method to filter out bacteria, cysts, spores and virus at an individual chair when space is limited or whole office treatment is not needed.  These easy to install filters use no chemicals at all.  An easy flush can be accommodated using the chair side bottle.

DolfinTabsTM Dental Unit Water Line Treatment 

We have developed a line of human and eco safe tablets that are EPA certified and use hypochlorous acid (HOCL) to eradicate bacteria and virus. The concentration used is safe for patient use as it meets EPA standards for drinking water quality unlike current chemical treatment disinfectants.


DolfinPodsTM Surface Disinfection

Welcome to world of intelligent disinfection: DolfinPodsTM are based on HOCL, a safe and effective surface cleaner and disinfectant. Being able now to apply HOCl in the service of infection control practices is a major advancement as now disinfection can be done safely. HOCL is the same chemistry your body uses to attack virus and bacteria without harming healthy cells.  Does no damage to fabrics, equipment and plastics.  Most importantly, this is safe for you and your patients as well as safe for the environment.

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