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Innovators in Disinfection and Water Purification


Mastering the Balance Between Oral Health, Human Health and Environmental Health 




Nature's Best


QUANTUM ENERGY - Quantum QDfx in-line cartridge immediately kills bacteria, virus, cysts and spores using stored quantum energy.

OXYGEN - Three simple oxygen atoms combine into OZONE to produce a safe and powerful combination of bacterial, viral, cyst killer and cleaner.

HYDROGEN - The smallest molecule on the planet, MOLECULAR HYDROGEN, boosts the immune system by offsetting Reactive Oxidate Stress within cells.

Toppen replicates nature's method of treating water and air to engineered products that are safe, cost effective and environmentally beneficial. Products that kill bacteria quickly then convert to water and oxygen. NO chemicals used. Surface cleaners that do not harm fabric upholstery and no harmful aerosols.

                                       Toppen stands alone in helping make your work environment healthy and safe.


       ALL our products are Patient and Staff friendly, environmentally beneficial, pesticide free and engineered to save time and expense.


                                                                       Introducing the Toppen Water Station:     

We like to simplify your processes.  Now a single water station combines three technologies to provide three levels of water quality specifically designed for dental office use.                 

Reverse Osmosis Water - Our patented RO system treats water for use as feed water for our ozone generators, drinking water, coffee makers, tea, etc.  

Distilled Water - by feeding our DI water system with RO feed, we produce water for sterilizers and autoclaves without maintenance for a year!

Electrolytic Ozone Cell - ozonated water has been integrated to provide water that cleans and sanitizes without harmful chemicals.


Quantum Puification for Dental Water Lines

Disinfect water using the revolutionary new quantum purification technology built into the QDFx.


The Quantum X3 technology is a quantum leap forward in technological development that allows a new and simpler approach to killing bacteria as there is abolutely no chemical addition to the incoming water. Dental unit water lines (DUWL’s) are unintentionally the perfect design for the growth of bacteria and biofilm within dental water delivery systems causing dental staff to use a variety of chemicals, cleaning procedures, distilled water, etc. in an attempt to keep bacteria from both patients and staff, Toppen Dental will be introducing QDFx that eliminates the purification effort with a technology that outperforms chemical additions while allowing the use of municipal tap water, pending FDA clearance! Saves time and money!

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Learn More About Quantum Purification 

Our latest technological advancement is the patented Quantum Purification Media.  It is a break through technology for bacterial control. Quantum Purification, QDFx is unique non-chemical resin which achieves 99.999% removal of most bacteria with no chemical or chemical by-products added to the water or changing the complexity of the water (NSF 42 and NSF 61 certified).  Quantum is literally a “QUANTUM” leap in purification, a non-chemical solutions to destroying bacteria including legionella which standard chemical processes such as iodine, chlorine or silver based products have little to no effect on.  Quantum kills bacteria immediately upon contact.  No more waiting for bacteria kill from tablets, chemicals or additives.

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