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At Toppen Dental, we are committed to applying technology that use natural core elements at their core to develop products that are cost effective, time efficient, patient & staff friendly and environmentally beneficial. Our easy to use products utilize methods that reduce odors while creating no harmful aerosols of by products and provide a positive effect on the environment. 

Product Name                        Cost Effective                                              Staff & patient healthy                          Environmentally Beneficial 

QDfx                                      Annual costs are less than                              Disinfects without using                           no chemical into environment 

                                              current marketed products.                             any chemicals.

OZ Products                          Disinfects 50x faster than other                      More effective. NO aerosols                  discharged as either oxygen or water.

                                               products at far less opex.                               or by-products

Cleanovations                        Packaged in reusable bottle                           Low level pleasant odor. EPA                 Beneficial to the environment

                                               easily refilled using pre-packaged                  Dfe (Designed for Environment)

                                               concentrate.                                                   Easy and safe to use.                                

 Active Hydrogen                    Most effective/least expense anti-                Completely safe                                      Discharged from body as H2O.

                                               oxidant known.

Air Vacuum Pump                  Given water costs and sewer fees, this          Very low decibel output.                         Ends waste water used in wet ring pumps.

                                               vacuum pays for itself rapidly as it is less

                                               any air vacuum on the market today.


Our staff at Toppen Dental has decades of experience in the development and application of water treatment technologies as well as how water is used in dental offices. We are well networked in to the same dental dealers you work with today so acquiring our products quickly and easily is done.  We will continue to develop new technologies that help your businesses so long as they meet our criteria as outlined above.  Above all, we listen to our consumers so we can meet your standards and exceed ours.  We will be honored to work with you.