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Dental Practices need a reliable source of clean, high quality water to operate sterilizers and autoclaves.  Yet, other water  treatment systems store water in storage tanks that are perfect for bacterial growth and ultimately cause bacteria to be transferred into the very water used for sterilization.  Contaminants found in untreated tap water greatly increase cleaning and maintenance demands and can ultimately ruin sterilizers and autoclaves.  

The WaterStation technology provides the following benefits:

  • One half the size of traditional RO systems
  • Closed system for easy installation and maintenance
  • 2x faster than coventional RO's
  • Reduces waste water up to 88% and extends life span of filter cartridges 
  • Operates at a low pressure of 20 psi
  • Deionizer designed specifically to meet dental practice water quality purification requirements - battery powered TDS meter included
  • Modular and scalable to meet the water demands of any size office
  • Includes ozone outlet for removal of bacteria that may have grown during storage.
  • Easy installation - manifold design eliminates many points of failure common to existing systems
  • Low maintenance - all replacement cartridges are guaranteed to last one year.  Cleaning is accomplished using the onboard ozone generator.
  • Toppen has a reminder system in place for replacement frequency.