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Toppen Dental offers intelligent disinfection and water treatment technologies. A sampling of those are:

WaterStation - A unique, environmentally friendly, water treatment system which is more efficient, 3 times faster operating at 20 PSI for less money than traditional RO systems and 88% less water waste! Our system offers 3 levels of water quality: RO, DI and ozone that lowers total dissolved solids (TDS) to below 1, provides quality water for auto claves and sterilizers and generates ozonated water on demand for many cleaning and sanitization needs.  

Recent studies clearly show that using iodine, silver and bleach in chair side water bottles is ineffective when using standard tap water.  In order to achieve desired disinfection, the water quality must be of enough purity where the chemical addition can predictably kill bacteria.  Using the WaterStation will easily provide such a needed source water.

The WaterStation has been designed to provide the best water solution for todays dental offices.

UltraSafeTM - Office- one filter that removes bacteria and virus from dental unit water lines for the entire office. ANSI/NSF 42, 61, 53 certified.  NO CHEMICALS!  Keep patients, staff and your equipment safe.

DolfinPods - a surface cleaner and disinfectant in one.  Uses the same chemistry your body uses to destroy bacteria and virus. No harmful aerosols and no harmful effect on office equipment.  Very effective in treating biofilm.

DolfinTabs - a dental unit water line treatment tablet that effervesces in water to create a safe level of HOCL that effectively eliminates bacteria and biofilm.

The OZAir - One whole office Ozone System that is designed to remove odors while reducing pathogens in an entire dental facility (3,000 ft2).

Toppen WaterStation

Toppen WaterStation Purification Unit for Multi-purpose use.

Dental Practices need a reliable source of clean, high quality water to operate sterilizers and autoclaves.  Yet, other water  treatment systems store water in storage tanks that are perfect for bacterial growth and ultimately cause bacteria to be transferred into the very water used for sterilization.  Contaminants found in untreated tap water greatly increase cleaning and maintenance demands and can ultimately ruin sterilizers and autoclaves.

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Toppen WaterStation RO Filter Bank Replacement Filters

WaterStation RO Replacement Cartridges

Replacement cartridges are easily removed and replaced as they come with automatic shut off feature.  These are not only designed to last one year, we will replace any that don't last the year on a pro-rata basis.  That means your water operating costs are fixed!  And, Toppen will remind you when it’s time to replace the cartridges.

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Increase Air Quality with UV/O3

OZAir Air Purification and for the Dental Offices.

OZAir is a unique whole-clinic air purifying system that eliminates household odors and airborne microbes utilizing two of nature’s strongest purifiers - ozone and ultraviolet light. Covers up to 3000 Sq/Ft. Essentially an entire dental office.

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HOCL Oral Rinse

Briotech Oral Rinse uses HOCL as a bactericidal approach to oral health.  Studies have shown its effectiveness against plague and any bacteria shielded by a biofilm.

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Safe & Powerful Surface Disinfectant

UltraSafe Pic

UltraSafeTM Whole Office Systems


UltraSafeTM Inline

UltraSafe Inline has been uniquely designed to filter bacteria and virus from dental unit water lines without the use of disinfection chemicals.  No potential harm to patients, staff or equipment is possible with this product.  It is simply installed in the junction box and maintained once per year.  It is ANSI/NSF 42, 61 and 53 certified.

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QDfx Office Replacement Filters

UltraSafeTM - Office Replacement Filters

These two filters are exchanged once annually.  They use a novel tortuous path filtration methodology combined with an electropositive charge to effectively filter out bacteria and virus.

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