Toppen Dental offers a series of OZ Ozone Office (O3) Systems to make bacterial reduction quick, consistent and easy.  Our O3 family of products are:

The OZ Spray Bottle - This unique and patented device delivers surface sanitization when and where you need it.

The OZAir - One whole office Ozone System that is designed to remove odors while reducing pathogens in an entire dental facility (3,000 ft2).

Water Station - A unique Reverse Osmosis system which 500 times more efficient, 7 times faster operating at 20 PSI for less money than traditional RO systems

Water Station with DI - Utilizing the RO-WOW system paired with deionizing cartridge to lower total desolved solids (TDS) to below 5 providing quality water for auto claves and sterilizer.


OZSprey ozone on demand spray bottle

The OZSprey Ozone Spray Bottle for Surface Sanitization

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Water Station Treatment System

Toppen Water Station Purification Unit for Multi-purpose use.

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Replacement RO Cartridges

Water Station Replacement Cartridges

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Increase Air Quality with UV/O3

OZAir Air Purification and for the Dental Offices.

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Active H2 photo

H2 Plus - Single Bottle

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QuintEssential 0.9 Oral Rinse

QuintEssential 0.9 Oral Rinse (Swallowable)

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QuintEssential 3.3 Oral Rinse

Quintessentials 3.3 Oral Rinse (Swallowable)

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Ozone Test Kits

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