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Dolfin PodsEPA Registered Surface Disinfection Tablets that use the very same chemistry your cells use to kill bacteria and virus.  DolfinPods represent a change in how to safely and effectively disinfect surfaces in dental facilities.  The technologies being used today use chemicals that have direct and indirect negative health effects.  DolfinPods have none. Just use ONE tablet in the supplied 24oz bottles (6) should last a week. Each case of DolfinPod tubs comes with 4 tubs having 40 tablets and (6) microfiber wipes.  Product is sold by the case and each case should last a five chair operator approximately 2 months!


Kills Bacteria 

Kill Virus

Kills Biofilm 

Kills Spores                                                           Comes with 2 Spray Bottles

Human Safe

Patient Safe

ECO Safe

Materials Safe


Studies Relative to Dental Applications of HOCL:

Effectiveness of Hypochlorous Acid to Reduce the Biofilms on Titanium Alloy Surfaces in Vitro

Bactericidal Effect of Strong Acid Electrolyzed Water against Flow Enterococcus faecalis Biofilms

Antimicrobial efficacy of 4.2% sodium hypochlorite adjusted to pH 12, 7.5, and 6.5 in infected human root canals

Bactericidal effect of electrolyzed neutral water on bacteria isolated from infected root canals

Improved outcomes after low‐concentration hypochlorous acid nasal irrigation in pediatric chronic sinusitis